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  2. Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time (Extended Cut) Reply (4) 6 days ago
  3. I visited the Green Door in Buckley and that shop is amazing. More of a high end boutique in respects to selection and in products but with very economical pricing. Get there!!!! Reply (0) 14 days ago
  4. The Green Door in Buckley is legit Reply (0) 14 days ago
  5. The Green Door in Bucklley is an awesome place...it was worth the drive! I especially love that their product is organic! Reply (0) 14 days ago
  6. here's a real post. hi bud.com Reply (1) 15 days ago
    • hi bud!! 15 days ago
  7. WEED Reply (3) 30 days ago
    • smoke weed every day 30 days ago
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  8. best drug gifs? Reply (3) 3 months ago
  9. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/08/28/couples-smoking-weed_n_5731898.html Reply (2) 3 months ago
  10. why don't u consider making something educational about it.. target young kids who discover bud a very young age and don't know how to deal with this new-"illegal"-sensation... I think it should perfectly be compared to being "happy" when u drink tha+ Reply (4) 3 months ago
    • when u drink just about enough to feel that "happy" sensation but you are in your senses 3 months ago
    • getting high is ok if you do it for fun... like you mention in the video in a measurable way... I could say I get myself in a "happy" (alchol related) mood like once every 2 months? I don't see why people can not decide to do the same with bud every now and then for fun.. Again.. Measured 3 months ago
    • So targeting this website for youngsters who are trying this for the first time.. could be a good idea to give some answers to questions.. like what is addiction.. what is really happening to my body once I try pot... If I like it, does this mean I am bad? ... etc etc 3 months ago
    • I have never smoked pot or cigarrettes cuz I was never able to get over the first-caughs... i do smoke cigars just for fun (every 2 months or so) just for fun 3 months ago
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  13. This page bud.com should be taken down we should be trying to live healthy not high and give God the glory God bless Reply (6) 6 months ago
    • right on brother 6 months ago
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    • do you take the bible with you when you go take a crap 6 months ago
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  14. "the FBI's long-standing no-marijuana policy is apparently limiting the talent search" Reply (4) 6 months ago
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  16. legal weed is putting mexican cartels out of business? Reply (2) 7 months ago
  17. sup bud smokers Reply (1) 7 months ago
  18. atholene joan witmer /. Reply (1) 7 months ago
    • what does this mean 7 months ago
  19. this is a fun collection of high art http://creativetimereports.org/2014/04/18/thirteen-ways-of-looking-at-cannabis-on-420/ Reply (3) 7 months ago
  20. Ok we're getting more diligent about flushing spam. Don't try to sell weed here, we will ban you Reply (0) 7 months ago